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Short History

The Concept

Anotherty was written as a rather philosophical concept in late 1990's by Jim Elstin (aka Intars Elstins).

As a compound word from Another and Reality it sought to serve the English language in describing "that something else" the presence of which one always either just felt or struggled to identify in a single word.

Encouraged by few dear friends, Jim then decided to use the word as a front to their many creative affairs and Anotherty became a trademark that later gradually developed into Creative Consulting Company and moved locations from the New York City to Amsterdam.

Status Quo

What Is Happening

Anotherty retains the legal form of a Sole Proprietorship registered with the Dutch chamber of commerce (DCC), and acts on the freelance contracting principle.

We specialize in consulting both private and cooperative clients on various aspects regarding their Online presence, offering our services in constructive writing, editing, and moderating capacities.

Being a small organization, we choose our projects carefully as we would meticulously commit to the most original and desired result. If and when necessary, we call upon outside help, which usually consists of well acquainted and keen specialists in their direct fields of interest.

Team Anotherty

People Behind The Pages

Nilka Dambuka
Nilka Dambuka
~ design ~

Nilka developed a passion for image manipulation and Photoshop in 2010. Alongside her knitting hobby, it quickly became a great and practical way to divide her leisure activities, and yet continue to employ her unique vision of style and attention to detail.

A double Major in Musicology and Medicine from University of Amsterdam, Nilka remains devoted to web design as one of her few creative windows outside of otherwise a very demanding and challenging everyday foundation.

Jim Elstin
Intars Elstiņš
~ development ~

A self-educated web developer, Intars turned to server-side scripting around 2008, when he was administrating and writing content for several web browser based games. From there his interests expanded to front-end developing, until he founded “Anotherty” in 2012 as a creative consulting company that would specialize in web development related tasks. A former teacher and a poet, Intars refers to web development as he would to writing literature - Everything must have a form and needs a content. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Latvian Academy of Culture.


Web Development

Web Development

Web Development has become a broad set of tasks over the past 10 years, and so have the task or issue references applied to it.

To us, however, and within this service, it would signify all web development aspects and steps they include to result in a private or corporate Web site for the Internet.

All that is necessary to develop a simple static page of plain text or hypertext, to a rather complex web application, electronic business model or social networking service. Everything, thus, from acquiring a domain name to web design or content development, and secure, reliable hosting solutions to present it on the Internet – publish online.

Web Design

Web Design

In broad terms Web design includes web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization (SEO).

We have singled out SEO among our Services for its rapid development as a separate web design aspect altogether, as well as Web Modernization, which nowadays pretty much evolves around the whole user experience design.

Our web design service relates to all of the above, and likewise does include front-end development and writing markup.

Web Modernization

Modern Web

Within the fast developing Web and Web design, when singled out, Web Modernization would mean working to update and improve about any given website and turn it into a more modern looking website in the end.

As mentioned elsewhere, however, Web (or website) modernization is not just about giving it a fresh and nice looks, it is about improving the total user experience. Including the following: Adding new functions; Security enhancement; Reliability improvement; Scalability enhancement (aka “Responsive Web Design or RWD”); Usability enhancement; Fixing design flaws in general, which reside in many old techniques used to code web-pages and basically do not comply with the current HTML standards any longer.

SEO & Analytics


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Analytics combine the data about the performance of any given website and its gradual ranking within different search engines.

We believe a proper SEO roots in the correct and contemporary structure of HTML documents, whereas Analytics provide us the information on how to improve it over a period of time.

With a correct set up and repeated effort, SEO and Analytics improve search engine ratings and provide sufficient data as to what is working within a web project and what is not – a united effort in the name of better traffic.

Tuning & Set Up


This service is the outcome of our practical involvement with any web related project and more. It combines the overall analysis of the document structure and those specific components that execute them, and it results in improvement of such structure if possible - anywhere from a coded document to the server settings or proprietary software.

At times we have also taken this service out of the web development context, and applied it to the general improving of the PC health and performance, hardware, software or networking environment for our clients in their homes or offices.

All our services include both or either - Consulting and Implementing Faculty.



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